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A good South African day

posted Dec 9, 2010, 11:42 AM by Darren Cannell
Today in Kruger Park Lodge, it was a very good day.  We saw hippo.  I met a new friend today he is 4 years old.  I met him by the pool and playground.  I don't know his name I never asked him but we played and showed him the ipad.  We went mini putting.  We saw some monkeys run across our balcony and climbed in our thatched roof.  We saw a baby standing outside our door and when the mom left the little baby watched his mom then chased after her.  It was kind of funny.  The day before we went to the cheetah breeding center.  We saw 46 cheetahs and they sent some to a zoo the week before.  We saw some wild dogs.  I want to tell you about the lion we saw.   Handsome Pete, he had a black mane which means he was very health and the girl lions were attracked to him.  But the lions in the wild do not have black manes normally.  We saw a small meat eating turtle, crocodiles do not eat them and the turtles eat the crocs catch.  They do not get eaten because they pee and smell really bad, you do not want to get that on your hand.  If you do it smells really bad and will stink for three days.