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Dublin Zoo

posted Oct 1, 2010, 7:11 PM by Darren Cannell
Today we went to the zoo in Dublin Ireland and it was really cool but the last thing we were going to see was the merrcats.  But we could not see them.  We saw the gorillas and it was really cool because the big one that looked like a grampa and was a grampa and was called Harry.  The little baby caused a lot of problems he attacked the other apes and play fighted with them.  We saw girraffes, rino, zebras...the rino ran into a rock and walked away from it, it was kind of funny.  We went to the hippopotomous and they were really cool, there was two and they came up and we went to the seals and saw them get feed.  And we went to the wild dogs and they were right up to the fence and they were right by the fence eating meat. was sleeping, the big one was just laying down and the other one was walking around.  We got to the zoo on a double decker bus and we went on the top and looked out of it.  There was some elephants and the baby was drinking some water.  A pig thing (tapir) it had a wierd nose it was kind of curled up.  There was a red panda and my mom likes red pandas but we only saw one.  That's all and it was very cool.