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First Day in Poland

posted Oct 8, 2010, 1:02 PM by Darren Cannell
This is the sixth place we have been so far we are in Krakow Poland.  I love the place we went before Krakow, and I love Disney World the first place we went to...  Poland is really fun but it is really cold at night, and I know that it is the afternoon where my grade 2 class is now.  It is 7 pm here.  Adian, Trey and Jacob my friends are sitting in a classroom in Saskatoon...Hi to you three and everyone else in my class.  And hi to all the other classrooms but I do know who you all are yet, please send me comments so I can get to know you.  And Hi to the people who are not in school, like my mom and dad's brothers and sisters and grandparents and my dog cuba.  Which you people don't know because he is a dog.