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Kayaking day

posted Feb 8, 2011, 11:57 PM by Darren Cannell
Today we are going kayaking.  We are just about to go, we are waiting for my mother to get dressed and it will be fun and I hope none of us drowned.  Hope I don't lose my sunglasses in the water and my dad is here and my mother is here, I am here and our hotel is here.  The beach is nice, the room is nice, the bathroom is nice, the bed is nice, the balcony is nice, outside is nice.  Everything is nice.

We went shopping yesterday and our favourite restaurant was closed and that was a bummer.  We got a lot of food because we were hungry and then we went to a movie it was called Yogi Bear in 3D.  If you watch it at the end there is a frog mouth turtle and he was very funny.  We want to go to the green hornet movie tonight.  The movie show was in the mall and in english.  We will not be going to the movie because we will be eating at that time at our favourite restaurant.  The restaurant is where my mother gets the green curry dish.  We went to two Mosque and at night they were very cool.

Bye for now going Kayaking.