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Kruger and Addo Elephant Park

posted Dec 14, 2010, 2:25 PM by Darren Cannell
When we went to Kruger Dan spotted this creepy dinosaur looking bird and it looked like it had a premature baby monkey in his mouth; you could see the arms and legs of the little animal.  This bird had a creepy way of walking like a dinosaur.

At Addo Elephant Park
When we were at the first watering hole we saw warthogs running and we thought that maybe lions were coming but there wasn’t and we thought maybe it was hyenas scaring them.  We waited around because we thought that the lion was downwind or something.  The elephants had just left that watering hole and they had a little baby.

We stopped at this second watering hole and there were elephants and zebras and warthogs and black backed jackals.  It was kind of funny because when the warthogs came close to get a drink the elephants would spray water on them and it looked really funny.  One of the Mom warthogs was chasing the baby and we thought she was because maybe the baby was being bad.  One of the warthogs was chasing the jackals away from the warthog family.  There was a newborn tiny elephant that had just left with a group of elephants and there was a young elephant in the watering hole drinking and playing for the whole time we were there which was over an hour.  There were Kudus way back in the grass and they never came forward.
There were ostriches everywhere and we saw a yellow mongoose.  We saw lots of zebras and monkeys and Leopard Tortoises that were walking across the road and a bus had to stop for them.  We saw the Red Harta-Beest and more lions in the brush.  We saw Velvet Monkeys and at the end there was a monkey sticking his thumb in a hole in the tree and then eating the sap and then he stuck his whole face in.  We saw lots of pretty birds like the Bok-maklerie which is bright yellow and the Black headed Heron which is not pretty. 

So bye for now and I hope you respond back to me.