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Palm Desert

posted Mar 1, 2011, 4:18 PM by Darren Cannell

 We are in the United States now in Palm Desert.  Our view is of the mountains and they have snow on them.  It is cold here and it reminds me of Canada.  We are going to the pool after I finish my school work if it is warm enough.  It was really warm in Australia and it is much colder than Australia here.  Yesterday I went to Chuck E Cheese with Oma and Mel.  I played lots of games and won some prizes.  I got three frogs and two spiders.  The first and second frogs are both green but the second frog has purple polka dots. The third frog has red legs with red stripes on his back and yellow everywhere on his back.  My two spiders I got from Chuck E Cheese and the frogs are from Chuck E Cheese too.  My two spiders are both blue.  I am playing with the frogs and spiders.   They are really fun to play with and the spiders are really little and the frogs are way bigger.