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The long walk

posted Mar 8, 2011, 6:33 PM by Darren Cannell
Our walk today was so long...we left in the middle of the day and ended at night it was that long.  We went through many different places.  They like poodles here, we saw a lot of white ones...they like their dogs.  We never saw any cats but at the cemetery we saw some cats.  I saw lots of things we went by this huge tower and it was white and it went up and at the top was a cone. We came by this statue and there was two people on the moon that is what the statue looked liked.  There are homeless people here, they make little tents in the parks with blankets.  They even wash their clothes in the fountain.  We came by this boy who was poor, he juggled he was good but we did not give him any money.  I did a little show in front of some people, I took my rolled up hat that looked like a frisbee and popped it into a hat.  They did not give me any money, I did not want any I just wanted to show them my magic.  We came by these other jugglers and the one juggler just had a blanket which was all torn up and that was his clothes.  They were poor they were doing it in front of the road when the red light was on.  They went off the road when the lights changed.  

Then we came by the building where Eva Peron waved to the crowd from the balcony of the government building. There was a big statue right in the middle of the building.  Then we went back home.  Dad stayed home and worked all day.