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We are in Argentina

posted Mar 5, 2011, 7:58 PM by Darren Cannell
We could not get out of the airport, it took us two hours.  All the taxi's in Buenos Aires were so expensive, but we did find one and we are now in our apartment.  My three aunties are here and we are spending a couple of weeks together.  We will have lots of fun and the elevator in our apartment is really really freaky.  There is a gate and if you open it you can fall out.  Last night we were in Mexico City and we were only there for like 8 hours.  The flight down to Argentina was 9 hours, sooo long.  At the taxi company in Mexico city the taxi company tried to charge us more because we had too much luggage.  They wanted an extra 5 dollars because one of the suitcases had to go into the front seat.  Mom got so mad.  Here in Argentina it is very cool here.  Back in California with Oma and Mel who are my grandma and grandpa we had a very nice view of snow capped mountains it was very cool.  Look at my pictures sorry I never blogged very much when I was in California.  I will do more here.  I will try not to forget, look at my pictures and comment lots.